5 Years Ago I Quit My Job And This Is What Happened Since Then

5 min readAug 11, 2022

… and what I learned since then

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In 2017 I was miserable. I had a good paying full-time job as a programmer at a big consulting company. My coworkers were really nice and at the beginning I got two months paid further education of programming. I traveled a few times to cities I’ve never been, and I loved to explore new cities. So why was I miserable?

Because the work itself sucked. And I have to tell a thing about myself: I hate wasting time.

So, wasting time at work for a project that probably will not work or would take a lot of useless time was a nightmare for me.

I struggled with my choice for a few months but then I got close to a depression, so I quit.

You can read the whole story here in my other article.

But what you want to know now is: what am I doing since then? And what did I learn the last few years?

The biggest thing: I’m not miserable anymore

There were bad times since then, for sure. But at the moment I’m happy with my life. Right now, I’m starting I’m in a part time job next to my studies and it helps me to have a fixed schedule. It’s still not perfect, because there are still times where I’m wasting time at work because there isn’t much to do but I have to sit off my hours. And that’s the reason I’m starting with my side hustle now of writing and soon publishing online courses.

“The best investment you can make is in yourself” — Warren Buffett

Self and mental development

I started studying again from the beginning. I started with my Bachelor’s in Architecture, and it is a lot of work. But because of getting myself out there and outside of my comfort zone, I learned a lot. I learned how to work in a team, how to say my own opinion, do time management to get everything done on time and how to talk in front of people. In the Architecture studies there are a lot of presentations and preparing posters and presenting your ideas and getting feedback.

I guess everyone is afraid of speaking in front of people as a child, and so was I. I was…




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