Choose Your You and Accept

3 min readJun 12, 2022
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Sometimes it’s hard to not let others control your life and you. Sometimes it’s not even possible.

The last week I watched a lot of documentaries about the Queen as I guess a lot of you did. It’s a fascinating story, which I didn’t know. I grew up with the Queen being an old monarch and I never thought much about her until I visited London and my sister moved to England. The Queen and the monarchy is a huge part of their culture and heritage.

I was watching the documentaries and now started to watch The Crown, and couldn’t imagine what the Queen was already going through in her 70 years on the throne. The culture, the life and everything was so different when she became Queen in 1952. It was a hard time after the Second World War, and there were also still so many unspoken rules of society. In the series they showed that the cabinet decided where the Queen and her family will live and what hobby her husband was allowed to have.

I don’t know if those restrictions are still the case (I hope not and I’m not that far in the series yet), but letting someone else decide where you have to live and what hobbies you are allowed to do is a big decision made for her. She couldn’t decide, but she did decide how to react to that and how she still stayed herself. She made a promise to serve the country and she is keeping that since 70 years. Even though it led her to choose the duty over her family and her husband. She accepted the duty and arranged herself into that life.

Even though these days only a few people will have those kind of duties, sometimes there are people, jobs, university, duties that will make decisions for you, but you decided to accept that and arranged yourself with it. You choose yourself and the duties you want to take on in your life. Find your passion or your life goal and do what it takes to live for it. There will always be some external stuff which you allow to control your life, and that is fine. Fighting against it will drain your energy more then arranging yourself with it. Some things you cannot change, accept it.

We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.

Carl Jung

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