How I Decided To Quit My Job And Started Studying Again

4 min readFeb 11, 2018
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Last year I quit my job.

It was a hard decision at that time. But when I’m thinking about it now, it wasn’t a hard decision because it was necessary.

Let’s start at the beginning…

I studied Media Technology and graduated with my Bachelor’s 2016. After that I didn’t know what I want to do with my life.

It felt like I wasn’t ready to work yet. Because all I’ve ever learned in internships is that the typical 8 hours work day in an office wasn’t something I want to do the rest of my life.

Well, the internships were interesting and most of the times I liked what I did. But it felt meaningless and the rest of the time was wasted time in an office behind a screen.

I was always glad when I came home and then I was tired and watching TV.

Those are the things that most people out there do their whole life.

So after I graduated I looked for a job and the interest in female programmers are high these days. The companies need programmers and they want to increase the proportion of female employees.

I chose the job and the company I liked the most and I had two great months of beginner’s training with amazing people. The decision of quitting the job was hard because I really liked the people and the companies vision.

But once the training was over the real job life began. I was enthusiastic and ready to show my skills. But nobody cared. As how it is with work, it gets boring when you don’t have anything to do.

So month and month went by and I still didn’t have much to do.

I was in a bad mood. I was exhausted even though I didn’t have anything to do. But that’s what made my exhausted. To have nothing to do. Wasting precious life time.

I’m young.

I have so much energy.

And I’m healthy.

So why did I do this?

Because my parents were proud of me that I found a job and that I started my work life.

But I felt lonely and sad.

I want to do so much more in life.

Time is so precious.

I came home from work sad and exhausted. Sometimes even crying myself to sleep.

And why? Because I had a job. But a job I didn’t like. I didn’t hate it because there were always those great people and their way of thinking.

But I couldn’t stand it any longer.

Since I moved to the big city: Vienna, Austria. I started to enjoy looking at buildings and architecture. I was always interested in this topic but I never thought about it much because I thought it was nothing for me. I’m creative enough. I cannot draw. And as an Architect you don’t get much money.

But suddenly I was thinking about it again.

And I made the decision to start another Bachelor’s but this time in Architecture. It’s so different from programming.

So last year I decided to quit my job so that I can start studying again. I would start from the beginning in a very different subject. But I knew that I need to do it now. If I don’t I will regret it for the rest of my life.

So the studies began in October and I wanted to quit in August so that I can have some time left for vacations.

That was my goal. But after my mood got worse, I couldn’t stand it any longer and I quit in June.

I knew that I would have got more money if I stayed those 2 months longer and all the others were thinking that too.

But I couldn’t stand the thought to waste time in an office in summer while I could do much more outside.

It was a hard decision. But it was harder to tell it to my parents, my colleagues and my boss.

I don’t know how I got so brave to really take that step. I was so nervous and it wasn’t easy.

I thought that I will let people down (I’m still not sure if I did).

But I did that for myself and not for the others.

Now I spend all my savings on my new studies. I’m studying Architecture now. I started with the Bachelor’s from the beginning again.

And I love it!

Everyday I wake up and I know that I will learn something new in the lectures. And all of it is interesting.

So for everybody out there who don’t know if you should quit your job: take a step back and listen to your heart.

Ask those questions:

  • Will you regret it to not quit your job?
  • Are you happy in your job?
  • Do you think you can make an impact to the world with your job?
  • What would you do if you had all the money in the world? Would you still sit in this job?
  • Why are you doing this job? If the answer is: money, then it’s not worth it.

Think about your perfect day. Vision it with all the details from the morning until you go to bed. Is that job in your perfect day?

Don’t think about the others. Think about it for yourself. Make your own decision. Be brave.

You are the one who decides what you do with your life. No one else.

How do you want to spend the time of your life? (which is always right now)

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