You Want Overnight Success? Here Is The Secret

Karina Ahrer
3 min readSep 8, 2022
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Did you ever manage to get an overnight success?

No? Me neither. Why? Because it doesn’t exist.

I really wish that there is something like an overnight success, because I’m impatient and usually I want everything now and finished.

What is the secret behind it?

Why are those people successful and why does it look like an overnight success? Because you don’t see the hard work behind it which took them years to get to where they are now.

We usually don’t see people starting at day 1, but those that already made it and are at day 10573. We are then depressed and feel like a failure because we don’t have success on day 1.

I have the same feeling.

So what is the secret? You already know it?

It’s consistency.

Consistency in showing up everyday and doing the work that needs to be done to get to where you want to be.

You will not get fit after working out once. You have to do it everyday (with breaks of course) for a longer time to see results. The same is working for success in business or whatever you want to achieve.

What if there is still no success after 20 days?

Usually people at some point quit because they don’t see any result. That’s why so many new years resolution fail.

And creating a habit and sticking to it needs at least 20 days to consistently doing it (for some people less and for some more). Just stick to it!

I know the feeling of waiting impatiently for success. I hate that feeling. But you have to go through that pain to get to your success, your goal.

By being consistent you will improve yourself and you will get better at it and also in life. Your life will improve with every step because you have the feeling of doing something meaningful every day.

The thought that is bothering me the most

The thought that is bothering me the most is that you should do it every day forever. Consistency doesn’t do breaks. You will have to continue doing it until you get…

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